Tecovas Goes West

Tecovas Boots has become one of my favorite clients, and by this point, are good friends. I've been very fortunate to work directly with the founder, Paul Hedrick, who has graciously trusted me to help pave a path for the brand he created. For this shoot, our fourth thus far, we headed out to West Texas. Drawing from the talents and resources of our friends over at West Pack, we managed to secure the Gage Hotel in Marathon as our home base.

Over the course of three days, we shot in and around The Gage, Alpine, Big Bend, and Marfa, with some additional help from our pals over at El Cosmico. It was a fantastic shoot, and we were able to walk away with plenty of content for use across all of Tecovas' channels. Really looking forward to the next one, which we've already got in the works.

Stay tuned!