creative director


At least once a year, my mother likes to tell the story about how when I was in Kindergarten, the teacher told her that, while I had a lot of creative ideas, her concern was that I "had a hard time accepting the ideas of others over my own."

While this recounting is usually some kind of ploy to knock me down a few pegs, perhaps it was an early sign of my quest to wrestle creative control, and pursue what seemed to be very strong visions. At least that's what I tell myself when being shamed at a family gathering. 

There is something very fascinating to me about how the human brain works, and where there was once emptiness and uncertainty, thoughts & ideas seemingly appear out of thin air. And while some ideas are better than others, this process of creative conjuring still seems very magical to me. I do what I can to keep that magic alive in my work, but have learned to listen intently to my respected peers when an idea is bad.

My teacher would be so proud. 

Case Studies 

Tecovas Boots

Tecovas Boots - (coming soon)

Stetson Hats

Stetson Hats- (almost done)

Saint Jo, Texas

Saint Jo, Texas - (really close)


Ball and Buck - (hold your horses)


Pendleton - (patience please)


Lengai Camp - (wait a bit)