About Tyler Sharp



Tired of writing bios in third person and pretending like it's someone else, Tyler Sharp has now decided to write in first person. 

Howdy folks. Thanks so much for visiting my site, and hopefully you find something that suits your fancy, or brightens your day a bit. I mean that.  

As you may have already gathered, I pursue multiple disciplines in the creative field, and only just realized that they were separate jobs, or titles. "You can't be a creative director, photographer, writer AND director," I've been told on several occasions. Well actually, I can. 

I'm the CEO and Editor in Chief for Modern Huntsman, based in Livingston, Montana, and I moonlight as a freelance photographer, writer, director and creative consultant. I've had the good fortune of working with the great folks listed below, ranging anywhere from brand films to editorial work, rogue photo essays to all encompassing creative campaigns. 

When I'm not trying to out-craft categorization, I split my time between East Africa, and the American West. Somewhere amidst chasing trout on the Yellowstone and myth-checking Hemingway's Tanzanian safari claims, you can find me at home with my shaggy sidekick Wyatt, just trying to keep this ship of dreams afloat. If you'd like to keep up with my travels, please subscribe to my newsletter for monthly dispatches.  

I write with fountain pens, practice Wing Chun Kung Fu, and believe that chivalry is very much alive in the hearts of those gentleman who still keep it.

I hope to see you in the field.

Aim true & shoot straight,  






let's work together.