Published Work

I've always been a writer, preferring the pen to speech in most cases, as it allows me to be extremely precise in communication, without the awkward inconsistencies that emotions can cause. I found this very useful when I was a boy, trying to write my way out of being grounded. But my first real discovery with the power of words was when I was living overseas, and my friends & family would read my travel journals. It was then that I realized the subtlety of observation, and the importance of being able to relay lessons from cultural experiences in ways that my small-town Texas grandparents could understand. 

The pen is a powerful tool, providing observation to those who may never set foot upon foreign or exotic soil. In this same way, a trip to the local market can be made into a timeless tale, turning even the most ordinary of activities into adventures. It's in this spirit that I try to write stories, whether about a carpenter carrying on a family tradition, or a thrill seeking maverick in East Africa who's spent his life narrowly escaping death in the claws of dangerous wildlife. They're equal in ink. 

But despite my best efforts, I've yet to find a suitable nom du plume. 


If you're interested in a more detailed look at some of the editorial stories, you'll be able to see them on the chronicle here shortly.

Thanks for your patience.