Russell's Reserve: Sample work 

The main point here would be to create content that lasts well beyond the initial social posts, in addition to creating a working relationship between our brands. Over time, people would associate Russell’s Reserve with my lifestyle, and not even think twice about seeing a post, or purchasing the product as a result.
— Tyler Sharp

Shinola Detroit 

Originally they requested two posts, and instead, I shot several photo essays that made it much easier to talk about the campaign at length, and do multiple posts that were much more organic. Shinola also had content for their blog, in addition to social media channels. 

Reliant Energy 

This job for Reliant Energy started off as a request for a few Instagram posts about a "Texas Adventure," and we ended up expanding it into a 3 day shoot, which yielded assets for several months. I wrote short stories about each place, person, and activity, which created a more diverse illustration of the demographic of customers they were hoping to reach. By relying on my ability to talk with strangers, and connections in small towns, we were able to gain access to otherwise hidden places, and get honest stories from folks. 

Ball & Buck 

Ball and Buck is an outdoor lifestyle brand that originally approached me about promoting a few of their fly fishing products on my Instagram. Instead of staging one or two photos, we instead decided to go out on a few expeditions, shoot the product being used in the field, and then produce photo essays that lived on their blog, which the social posts could point to. It has since been a recurring commission, and I usually do 3 or 4 stories a year for them. 

Tecovas Boots: Makers Promo Video

This is a short film that I directed for Tecovas Boots about the complex process of assembling their boots. The purpose here was to showcase the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each pair. Launched in coordination with the photography assets we shot, we promoted both simultaneously on social media, which had a more profound effect on engagement. 

Harvest Gallery 

In terms of actually coming out to the Russell’s Reserve distillery and documenting the process, the link below on my site has a number of examples of work I’ve done with winemakers, chefs, and foragers to highlight the nuances of their dedication to craft. Would love to help create some content down the road about the history & tradition of Russell’s Reserve, and their process